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Confirmation celebrates the Spirit of God in the Church. It is one of the three Sacraments of Initiation into the Church, together with Baptism and Eucharist. Confirmation completes the grace of Baptism by a special outpouring of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, which seal or "confirm" the baptized in union with Christ and equip them for active participation in the worship and apostolic life of the Church.

Youth Confirmation Preparation:

In the Diocese of Richmond, the sacrament of confirmation is currently conferred in tenth grade. Confirmation Preparation takes place during the formation year in which the youth is to be confirmed. The Confirmation Preparation Program takes place separately from Christian Formation. Students may be confirmed if they are currently in at least tenth grade. Non-Confirmed Catholic youth in tenth grade or higher should register for Confirmation Preparation.

Following Diocesan Guidelines, students preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation should also be enrolled and participating in the Cluster Youth Formation program.

Teens and at least one parent are expected to attend a discernment meeting prior to participation in the Confirmation preparation program. All students wishing to be Confirmed will participate in eight Confirmation Preparation sessions, a day retreat prior to Confirmation, and one Mystagogy session after Confirmation. Celebration of the Sacrament will take place at a time and date to be specified by the Diocese.

To register your teen for Confirmation, please click here.

Sponsor Attestation Form - Confirmation (for the youth's chosen sponsor)

Affidavit Regarding Reception of the Sacraments (for youth having difficulty obtaining documentation of a previously-administered sacrament)

Holy Angels Confirmation Registry Data Form

Resurrection Confirmation Registry Data Form

St. Mary Confirmation Registry Data Form

St. Paul Confirmation Registry Data Form

For additional information, please contact Madre Collins at 757-484-7335 or [email protected].

Adult Confirmation Preparation:

For adults wishing to be confirmed, the Cluster Parishes offer these individuals the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation as part of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).For more information about RCIA, please click here.

Please note: There is NO REQUIREMENT to join or be registered at any of our parishes to receive the Sacraments. You are always welcome to do so, however there is NO REQUIREMENT. Please contact Deacon Kevin by e-mail or call (757) 484-7335 if you have questions.